Elections 2018

List of Nominations Received for the Post of Governing Council Membership - Category : Association

No. of Vacancies : 5
No. of Nominations Received : 7

Sl. Name of the Candidate Name of the Member
1. Ajay D Shah Textile Machinery & Mills Stores Merchants Association
2. R Kalyansundaram Tamilnadu Pumps & Spares Manufacturers Association
3. C Rajagopal The Coimbatore Jaggery Merchants Association
4. R Ravi Paper and Allied Merchants Association
5. N Ravisankar The Auditors Association of Southern India
6. K C Sekar The Coimbatore Motor Parts Dealers Association
7. G Venkatesan The South Indian Spinners Association

C A Venkatesan
Election Officer

Date: 29.6.2018