Election 2018

List of Candidates Declared Elected for the Post of Governing Council Membership - Category : Association

No. of Posts : 35
No. of Posts Filled : 35

Sl. Name of the Candidate Name of the Member
1. Mr. B Anantha Padmanaban, President Coimbatore District Electrical Traders Association
2. Mr. G Appukutty, Secretary Coimbatore District Agro Input Traders Association
3. Mr. S Ganapathy Subramaniyan, Past President Tax Consultants Society
4. Mr. R S Ganesan, President Coyamuthur Market Vyabarigal Sangam
5. Mr. V Gandhimathinathan, Past President Coimbatore Builders and Contractors Association
6. Mr. G D Gopalakrishnan, President Pollachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry
7. Mr. Jayakumar Ramdas, Director Tamil Nadu Electricity Consumers' Association
8. Mr. R Kalyansundaram, President Tamilnadu Pumps & Spares Manufacturers Association
9. Mr. S I Kaza Hussian, Secretary Coimbatore City Lorry Booking Agents Association
10. Mr. V Krishnakumar, President The Southern India Engineering Manufacturers' Association
11. Mr. A Krishnasamy, President Coimbatore Metal Merchants Association
12. Mr. S Kuppusamy, President Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association
13. Mr. T Manickam, Hon. Secretary Coimbatore Pipe Merchants Association
14. Mr. J Muruganandham, Executive Secretary The Coimbatore District Hardware Merchants' Association
15. Mr. N Murugesan, Secretary Coimbatore Lorry Owners Association
16. Mr. B. Muthuvenkatram, President Coimbatore Jewellery Manufacturers Association
17. Mr. CT Nehru Ramanathan, Secretary Coimbatore Yarn Merchants & Brokers Association
18. Mr. A Palanisamy, President Kovai Pura Nagar Rice Merchants Association
19. Mr. Raja M Shanmugham, President Tirupur Exporters' Association
20. Mr. C Rajagopal, President The Coimbatore Jaggery Merchants Association
21. Mr. Rajesh B Lund, Past President CREDAI Coimbatore
22. Mr. V Rajkumar, President Coimbatore District Chit Funds Association
23. Mr. K S Ramalingam, President Coimbatore Timber Merchants & Saw Mill Owners' Association
24. Mr. R Ramamurthy, President The Coimbatore District Small Industries Association
25. Mr. R Ramesh Kumar, Secretary Automobile Workshop Owners Association
26. Mr. R Ravi, Secretary Paper and Allied Merchants Association
27. Mr. P Ravikumar, Managing Committee Member The Coimbatore Cloth Merchants' Association
28. Mr. Saasthaa M Raaja, President Coimbatore Wet Grinders and Accessories Manufacturers Association
29. Mr. B Sabarinath, President The Coimbatore Jewellers Association
30. Mr. K C Sekar, Past President The Coimbatore Motor Parts Dealers Association
31. Mr. D Selvaraj, Chairman Coimbatore Goods Transport Association
32. Mr. L Shanker, President The Nilgiris Chamber of Commerce and Industry
33. Mr. M Sulthan, President Coimbatore Rice Merchants Association
34. Mr. Utpal Shah, Vice Chairman The Tea Trade Association of Coimbatore
35. Mr. G Venkatesan, Hon. Secretary The South Indian Spinners Association

C A Venkatesan
Election Officer

Date: 11.7.2018