It is ninety years since Sir R K Shanmukham Chetty, the first Union Finance Minister of Independent India, founded The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the year 1929. Its maturity as a congress of the city's trade and industry has seen it being an integral part of every development milestone in the region.

The Chamber is essentially an organisation of citizens who are investing their time and money in community development, working together to improve the economic, civic, and cultural well-being of the area. With over 1600 members, including 90 affiliated associations, the Chamber represents a wide spectrum of merchant establishments of Coimbatore.

It is registered as a society and its members are the individual entities in Farming, Industry, Trade and Services, and also Associations of such entities engaged in any specific field of economic activity. Thus it is an association as well as an association of Associations.

The main objective of the Chamber is the economic development of the Coimbatore Region, which it seeks to achieve by promoting and developing Farming, Industry, Trade and Services and the interests of those engaged in these activities in this Region. While the primary focus of the Chamber is on business, it also seeks to improve the infrastructure, amenities and services available to all the residents of the Region, in addition to those engaged in business.

The Chamber engages in a variety of activities in furtherance of its objectives. It makes written as well personal representations to ministers and government officials regarding legislations, policies and programmes impacting business and economy. Interactive sessions between members and political leaders and bureaucrats to promote mutual understanding of issues of concern and government schemes for business and general public are arranged periodically.

The Chamber has representation on various consultative committees of government. Seminars and training sessions on statutory compliances as well as on the concepts for improving business and operational matters are held regularly. Meetings with business and commercial delegations from abroad are often organised. Periodically, the Chamber holds an exhibition highlighting the trade, industry and services of the Region. The Chamber enthusiastically arranges meetings of interest to the general public.

On the whole, the Chamber plays a vital role in promoting the welfare of the people of the region.